Entrepreneurs Track 2: Circular Economy Opportunities in Mediterranean Cities (Part 2) – Urban Acupuncture Workshop

19 Oct 2016
Rooms 3 &4, 2nd floor

Entrepreneurs Track 2: Circular Economy Opportunities in Mediterranean Cities (Part 2) – Urban Acupuncture Workshop

Circular economy is recognized as the answer to the most pressing challenges of our time. Referring to holistic concepts such as systems thinking, urban metabolism and biomimicry, we recognize that in order to function, a city is similar to any other living organism.

Urban Acupuncture aims to make our cities better places through small to medium scale design interventions inspired by acupuncture.

This workshop will be conducted as a practical follow-up to Part 1 of “Circular Economy Opportunities for Mediterranean Cities” (open also for new participants). The purpose of this workshop is to raise up concepts and provide examples of circular economy actions that are replicable and scalable in other cities and encourage knowledge exchange between participants.

After a rapid overview of the principles of circular economy as applied to cities and highlight examples of leaders in the domain, we will split in working groups to work on topics such as transportation, food, water, shade, energy, waste, etc.

The participants will brainstorm ideas and concepts, identify the joint challenges, examine the existing solutions and provide recommendations for deploying these solutions across the region.

The working groups will come away with a menu of circular economy concepts and actions that could be replicated in their own cities, and will have contacts for further knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer support.

This workshop is co-organized by Yair Engel, EPEA Cradle to Cradle and Alfredo Balmaceda, ZICLA,

Speakers include:

  • Alfredo Balmaceda, Co-founder and president of ZICLA
  • Yair Engel, Director at Kayama – Center for Sustainable Design / EPEA Cradle to Cradle Israel

Graphic facilitation: Carlotta Cataldi


  • Sagit Porat,Director, Israel Urban Forum
  • Jordi Collell, Zicla
  • Carlos Brime, Zicla
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